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Our aim is to provide answers regarding your motorcycle tour. How can we help answer any questions? Please see our FAQ selection that might answer most of your questions right away.

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If You have a specific question please call us, send us an eMail or Chat with us Live and we help You immediately. Since we first started we have specialised in single or taken funny answer events for the discerning client. Our slogan is: One of your special destinations is New Zealand.

single or taken funny answer

Is this for any particular reason? Of course.

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Breathtaking scenery, with mountains and the sea and empty roads with no traffic jams. Everything is very European and our reliable team is on the spot — what more could one ask for?

What is a Guided Tour? In addition, nearly everything is included in the tour.

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This includes the rental motorcycle and overnight stops, plus the cost of petrol usually we fill all the motorcycles together and thus save precious time.

The tour includes entry costs and park fees plus many other amenities. We do not have any hidden costs. As a rule how many people take part in a Guided Tour?

The average of participants per group is usually motorcyclists plus motorcycle passengers please ask about special events. On a Guided Tour do we always stay together in a group or can I also go on my own? For safety and insurance reasons the group is always riding together on a Guided Tour. This also ensures the best experience for all tour participants.

We are a group of friends and would like to travel together and go on a Guided Tour by our own. Is this possible? We can organize an individual tour with 8 or more participants on your own date - or you make a Private Tour from 1 person Who are your Tour Guides? What makes them different? Our Tour Guides are all passionate motorcyclists and have gone through a special training.

Single or taken funny answer is single or taken funny answer Semi Guided Tour? These tours follow the Guided Tour descriptions and dates. They include motorcycle rental and hotel bookings single or taken funny answer where possible additional bookings also. A Tour Book containing your daily schedule and recommended activities is giving you additional support for your individual adventure.

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For your convenience your luggage is taken to the daily hotel. This tour version offers a maximum of individual riding fun and comfort. What is a Self Drive Tour?

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Никогда в жизни Элвин не мог ожидать, что ему суждено столкнуться с чем-либо столь же необычайным, как этот беззвучный разговор.

These tours follow the Guided Tour descriptions on your individual date. They include motorcycle rental and hotel bookings and where necessary additional bookings also. You will be provided with a tour book containing maps, your daily schedule and recommended activities.

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What should I do in an emergency? Our Reuthers Team will help you immediately. Join a Reuthers Motorcycle Tour on the motorcycle you love so much - your own one! What sort of hotel categories italien flirten you offer?

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Usually we stay overnight in either mid-range or top-class hotels. In some countries we look for hotels that are historic and typical for that country and add an extra charm. In your credo you mentioned your social programme.

What are you doing? Adelheid Reuther personally takes care of the Reuthers Children Charity and the correct use of your donations.

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The money goes entirely 1: Can Reuthers help me? This is a popular program and makes it possible for you to have a joint holiday. The response to this programme is excellent. I would really like to give my husband a Guided Route 66 Tour for his 60th birthday.

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  • FAQ - Frequent Questions and Answers about Reuthers Motorcycle Tours
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He used to be an enthusiastic motorcyclist but has not ridden for a long time. Can I give him such a trip as a present?

Motorcycle Tours FAQs

What demands will it make on him? That is a really nice present that he will remember for a long time. In fact, we have a lot of participants aged between 50 and 70 years, therefore we are very used to motorcyclists of this age. If you have ever ridden a motorcycle then you will soon remember how to ride again. And another thing - we are cruising instead of racing through the landscape.

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Will you join us too? Is it possible to participate in your tours as a single traveller? As a single traveller you will have the opportunity to get to know like-minded people and enjoy the great motorcycle adventure within a big family.

What do your clients say? Do I have to talk to an impersonal Call Center?

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Our team is competent and motorcycle enthusiastic and will answer your questions at any time by telephone, by our popular Internet Live Chat or by Skype Video Call.

If you like, your personal contact person can give you a call at a time convenient to you.

single or taken funny answer

Is my flight included in the tour price?